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PoNG has hooks. These hooks enable you to reduce the resources (in the backend) to (REST/JSON) information sources and do all the HTML rendering in the browser.

It is easy, to write a hook and will take you only a minute to set it up. Please follow the example.

Standard Resource Modules coming with PoNG

A special one is no real module: If you don't specify a type, a HTML page will be loaded from the resource with GET <resourceURL>/html. This can also be used for HTML output from other modules, e.g. the "Form View" module uses this pattern to display the action results.

Standard Header Modules coming with PoNG

Including Modules

Modules are loaded, only if required -- if they are referenced in the layout. This dynamic include strategy avoids performance issues on client side due to unnecessarily loading and initializing code.

Module Programming

You can create your own module using the PoNG hooks. Please refer to the PoNG Module Programming Reference