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Static does not mean, the PoNG portal is not dynamic -- it just needs only a static backend!! So no need of PHP or Tomcat or JEE servers ...

Please also check the PoNG Release Notes.

PoNG Quick Start:

  1. Download the static html package here (527 kB)
  2. Unpack the archive into your web server html directory, e.g. /var/www/portal
  3. Start the web browser and point it to the portal root, e.g. http://mydomain.com/portal

The portal contains two pages, one static welcome page and a second form type page.

Please read the abstract to understand the idea and vision.

What is inside the install package

. index.html an empty page, just to initialize the framework -- there is no need to edit this file
. nav JSON to define the navigation bar's items
/i18n/ translation packages, add your translations here
/i18n/ DE.json
/i18n/ EN.json
/css/ style sheets to customize the look and feel
/css/ custom.css define your modifications here
/css/ ... other files, you won't need to customize any of them
/img/ ... folder for graphic decoration and pictures
/js/ The heart of the framework
/js/ portal-ng-XY.js (main framework
/js/ portal-ng-modules.js (modules hook list
/js/ /pong-modules ... folder with some ready to use plug ins ...
/svc/ your services, should deliver JSON data, HTML and JS content
/svc/layout/ serve JSON config for portal pages
/svc/layout/main/ structure JSON to define start page and main layout, other layouts may include the header and footer from here
/svc/layout/test/ structure JSON for a layout with two rows, with a form in the 1st row and two columns for output in the second row
/svc/test/ This is a REST service
/svc/test/ pong-form JSON to initialize the web form and the actions)
/svc/test/info/ (index.html) delivers dummy output for the "info" button
/svc/test/check/ (index.html) delivers dummy output for the "check" button
/svc/test/help/ (index.html) PHP -ui- to deliver help text in different languages

Start customizing the static portal

Step 1:

Customize the nav bar by editing the nav file.

If you add an item, e.g. "blah", you have to add a layout file, so /svc/layout/blah/structure, refer "step 2"

Step 2:

Customize the layout specification:

  • Customize the header and footer as you like. I think you may want to replace the logo.
  • Edit the structure file and define your own set of rows and columns and point them to resources and define module types. Now you have to configure the resources and modules, refer "step 3".

Step 3:

The resources are "folders" in the static backend, so you have to create the folders with the resource names (specified in "step 2") and put the module config there to tell the module plug-ins, how to deal with the content of the resource.

Shared scipts and CSSs

To share the JS scripts for modules and CSS files you can modify the main index.html file. By default a relative path to subdirectories is used.

To change the loaders, please search and modify the following section in the index.html:

var cssPath = "css/";
var jsPath  = "js/";
var modulesJsPath  = "js/pong-modules/";
var modulesCssPath  = "css/pong-modules/";