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View Photos directly form your camera on the PC.

This is a simple and thin solution (for Linux, sorry Win Guys) to load and show photos directly on the PC screen while doing a shooting.


TODO, sorry here is the german version:

<mediaplayer image='/vid/shooting_prev.jpg'>/vid/shootings.mp4</mediaplayer>



The library gPhoto2 is available for most Linux distributions.

If it's not on your Linux installed already, you may add it easily using the package installer. On my Fedora yum is your friend (as root, or sudo):

yum install gphoto2
chmod +s /usr/bin/gphoto2 

You have to extract my shooting_v1.tgz into the web pages directory:

cd /var/www/html
tar xvzf shooting_v1.tgz
chown -R apache.apache shooting/



Before you start, perhaps you have to tell your camera, not to act as a storage device. The camera must be in the PTP mode. The camera must be connected to the PC, usually via an USB cable. You have to switch on the camera.

In your web browser you should open: http://localhost/shooting/show.php

The page shows a dummy picture. As a first test, a click in the grey camera box on the left side will show, which camera is connected. A click on the picture will load the latest photo from the camera into the import folder and it will be displayed in the browser.

Tip: F11 switches the Firefox in full screen mode (and back). Without menu, you could switch to a higher image resolution.


Camera is not found:

  • you can check, whether gPhoto2 is working correct on a console: gphoto2 -? or gphoto2 --auto-detect

Web-Server problems (check logs):

  • maybe the server can not write into the import directory
  • SELinux problem, see below

SE-Linux Problems

Using Fedora, I have to switch off the SE features:

echo 0 > /selinux/enforce

This is only a temporary setting. After the next reboot SE is switched on again.

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