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This module is a uses header hook to add a navigation DIV in PoNG. The whole page is reloaded and the layout structure can be switched to a different one.

This module uses the "layout" control feature of PoNG. So if you utilize the GET parameter "layout" the value will be used to determine the layout definition, so if you load http://mysite.xyz/basedir/index.html?layout=XYZ the structure JSON is get from http://mysite.xyz/basedir/svc/layout/XYZ/structure

Please have a look at the other standard modules coming with PoNG.

Usage in "structure"

Simply add a action to the actions array with "type": "modal-form"

Example structure file extract:

  "layout": {
     "header": [
        "modules" : [ { "id": "MainNav", "type": "pong-navbar", "param": { "confURL":"nav" } } ] 


The confURL should be like this example:

   "navigations" : [
      { "layout":"main", "label":"Main"  },
      { "layout":"crm", "label":"CRM"  }

Example result

Here is a Nav Bar result:

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HTML is:

    <div id="maindiv" class="page-width">
    <div id="header">
      <div id="MainNav" class="pong-navbar">
        <div class="pongNavBarItem pongNavBarItemActive">
            <a href="index.html?layout=main">
        <div class="pongNavBarItem">
            <a href="index.html?layout=crm">


  • Main DIV class: pong-navbar
  • Main DIV ID: <modules.id>
  • Navigation item DIV class: pongNavBarItem
    • Active page has additionally the class: pongNavBarItemActive